Social Distancing Rules

Although Members are most welcome to use the bowling greens for “roll-ups” there are conditions that need to be adhered to.

We have been warned by authorities that some bowlers had been observed on the club’s bowling greens in groups of more than two and not observing social distancing rules. Please be aware that social distancing and group gathering rules must be adhered to or, we have been told that the greens could be closed by the authorities.

Several Members have been enjoying having a ‘roll-up’ and getting out into fresh air and exercising. So, please don’t jeopardise this enjoyable practice for others by doing the wrong thing.

Members can assist by cooperating and being understanding during these difficult times.

We ask you to:

  • If practicing or ‘rolling-up’, please keep to groups of two or less, and
  • Please retain 1 rink distance between you and any other groups.