Dear Members,

Once again, hoping that everybody is well and enjoying the beginning of the return to normal (Maybe?)  

What’s happening at your Club.

The Club’s Executive Management Committee met again last Monday (15th June) to discuss opening the club up further following our test run last week. (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.)

Social Bowling Events

The Social Bowls events; Wednesday Drawn Pairs, Friday Mixed Pairs and Sunday Scroungers ran very well. It was great to see so many Members out and about and also great to see everybody accepting the hygiene and distancing rules that have been imposed on us.

Most people sanitised and wiped disinfectant over the surfaces they touched, both inside and out on the green, and we had several members who were prepared to clean up afterwards.

So, everything went well. Thank you.

Thanks also to those who organised and ran the events and thanks to those who hopped in and assisted in running the bar. 😊 😊

From this Saturday, 19th June, we will be opening the TAB as well as re-commencing tap beer sales.

(Thanks to Neville for getting these facilities re-started).

The Bar will still only be open for:  Wednesday Drawn Pairs, Friday Mixed Pairs and Sunday Scroungers

 and now on Saturdays from 11 am.

(Although, as we have seen before, this can change quite rapidly.)


  1. The Govt “Phase 3” rules must still be adhered to. (We all know these, so won’t put them in again.)

This means that:

Within the clubhouse:

  • On arrival, ALL Patrons will be required to fill in the “Visitors Book” giving their name, phone number and date/time of arrival.
  • Everybody entering is expected to use the hand sanitiser provided.
  •  A maximum of 60 people will be allowed inside the clubhouse at any one time.
  • Patrons are to maintain a 1.5 metre distance between themselves and others.
  • Those inside must be seated when drinking and socialising.

And only 4 people per table. (No standing at Bar – except to be served.)

  • Kitchen is out of bounds. (Coffee facilities will be provided away from kitchen.)
  • When leaving, Patrons will be expected to wipe their table surfaces and chair backs, where handled, with sanitiser provided.
  • all door handles and other surfaces that are often touched are to be disinfected regularly.
  • People using the TAB terminals to sanitise their hands.

On the Greens

  • There can be a maximum of up to 100 players on the greens. (However, there must be a 2-metre radius allowed for each player. We therefore would be limited to 76 players. Maximum)
  • All shared equipment is to be sprayed with disinfectant before changing hands, hand sanitiser is to be used frequently. (Please limit shared items as much as possible.)
  • Players are to maintain a 1.5 metre distance between themselves and other players.
  • All equipment to be disinfected before and after each game.
  • This is all dependant on enough Members, willing to complete the On-line “Hygiene” course, and willing to assist and ensure the Hygiene rules (outlined above) are followed, to volunteer their time..


(Although enough Members have already offered to manage the events, more are needed to assist with hygiene duties. Without enough helpers, to spread the load evenly, this will not be sustainable.)

  • All Members, and visitors, who participate in bowls events, will be required to adhere to the rules, AND, to clean-up and sanitise any surfaces they touch, as they go, as per the rules above, and as per the signs displayed throughout the club premises.

All Members who are willing to assist and make this work are required to complete the online:

“AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID19 Hygiene Course.”

If you are interested, please click on the link below to access the AHA website and hygiene course details.

A copy of the Certificate, as proof that you have completed the course, will need to be kept on hand at the Club.

  • As Club Bar Manager, Michelle, is currently on sick leave, we need volunteers to assist behind the bar.

If you have an “RSA” certificate, or, an “Approved Managers” card, and are willing to assist behind bar on a rostered basis, please advise the Club Secretary.

Also, if you do not have the above qualifications, but are willing to help, please advise Club Secretary who will assist you to complete the course necessary and the Club will cover any costs incurred

Again, we trust Members will be understanding of these decisions during these difficult times as we make these decisions in the best interest and safety of our members, staff and guests.

Start times for:            Wednesday Drawn Pairs is 1.00 pm (Disks in by 12.45 pm at latest)

                                    Friday Mixed Pairs is 12.30 pm (Disks in by 12.15 pm at latest)

                                             Sunday Scroungers is 9.15 am (Disks in by 9.00 am at latest)

                                    Saturday: Bar and TAB open from 11.00am


If practicing or ‘rolling-up’;

  • Please observe all the hygiene and distancing rules that apply. i.e.
  • Please retain 2 metre sq. radius buffer between all persons on green
  • Please retain 1.5 metres distance between you and any other person.

Management Committee will continue to monitor COVID-19 information and advice from Govt. Our Members, guests and employee’s safety remains our top priority. The financial viability of the Club will also be closely monitored to determine future bar opening hours.