Club History

The Eaton Bowling and Social Club was formed in November 1966, with Tim Kreitling as the first President, and Doug Frost the first Secretary Treasurer.

eaton_bowling_club_rooms_1_1972In September of 1968 the club received permission from the Dardanup Shire to lease the current site bounded by Pratt Road, Eagle Crescent, and Foster and Bobin Streets. In the 1968 Annual Report, President Tim Kreitling reported the club having 70 members.

Construction of the first green (A) commenced in late 1968 with the sinking of a dam to solve the problem of water supply and bulldozing began with the fill for the green being soil dredged from the Collie River. February of 1969 saw the planting of couch runners on ‘A’ green. In late 1970 a second green was added and members rolled their first bowls on the bent green.

The Eaton Bowling and Social Club was incorporated on the 20 July 1969 and rules lodged on the 1 August 1969.

The club house was built in 1972 by volunteers from within the club and local community, with the Vice President of the time, Reg Fishwick (1971 – 72), being the designer, honorary building inspector, and hardworking tradesperson. The first social was held at the club house in late December 1972 with about 120 people attending.

In early 1973 a third green was added with much of the voluntary work being provided by quite a few non-bowlers – Jack and Charlie Barbetti and Sam Catalano.

At the official opening on 2 December1972 by Mr Ivan Manning, MLA, 56 bowlers played in a fours competition.

The first major competition to be held at the club was the Westfarmers Open Fours in 1972. The first Eaton Carnival was in 1974, with 716 players competing during all the events.

Some prominent office bearers over the years were:

  • Tim Kreitling (Club President 1966-72 and first Captain 1972-73)
  • Doug Frost (Secretary Treasurer 1966­70; President 1972-72)
  • AJec Dixon (Secretary 1970-73)
  • Maisie Frost (foundation President 1969-70 and 1973-75)
  • Helen Cowin (foundation Treasurer 1967-70 and President 1970-73)
  • Ivy Humphreyson (foundation Secretary ttom 1969-72; club coach in 1973, and club captain ttomI972-75)
  • Ron Pendlebury (Secretary Treasurer 1976­84)
  • Maeve Kreitling (Treasurer and Captain 1970-72; Captain 1978-81)
  • Glad Codd (foundation member and on committee ttom 1973-77 and Patroness 1978-86)
  • Dom Garbelini (president 1975-78)
  • John Butterfield (President 1986-90; Secretary 1984­88)
  •  May Denton (Committee 12 years; Captain 1984-87; President 1987-90; SW League President 1993-94)
  • Bob Lee (Committee member 1982-1997; Captain 1987­94; Scroungers Secretary 1983-86; Men’s Darts President 1982-88; Club President 1995-97)
  • Arthur Tate (Treasurer 1984-90)
  • Ron Mathews (Treasurer 1990-97)
  • Sylvia Garbelini (SW League President 1980-81; Club Captain 1981-84; President 1986-87; Secretary 1994-77; flower lady for many years)
  • Carol Lee (Committee 1982-93; Secretary 1982-87; SW Country Zone Secretary 1996-98)
  • Bonnie Griffin (Club Captain 1987-90; SW League Secretary 1980-81; Secretary 1991-94; SW Country Zone President 1990-92)
  • Joan Montgomery (Secretary 1988-91; Treasurer 1992-94,1997-98; committee 10 years), and
  • Bob McGuckin (Men’s Scroungers Treasurer 1980-94).



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