Friday Night Meals

The club is hoping to get Friday Night Meals back on the menu (pardon the pun) at the beginning of March, and is calling for volunteers to help out in the kitchen.

Hopefully if we get enough helpers we can have meals every week and you might only have to help out one night per month!

This is a fabulous fund raiser and a terrific social evening at your club. If you can help out it would be greatly appreciated!

If you want more information please contact Pauline Jolly or add your contact details to the list on the noticeboard in the club house.

Website Update

Time goes so fast and before you know it our content has gotten badly out of date. So we’ve had a rejig and are in the process of writing some new content and updates to keep members and community aware of what’s going on. If you see any mistakes or want more information on what’s happening you can contact Kerry at sec[@] (remove square brackets for emailing).