Dear Members,

Hoping you are all well and surviving the virus shutdown.

Seems we live in a terrific part of the world with NIL known virus victims in SW Western Australia! 😊

This email is to keep you updated regarding what is happening at your Club.

The Club’s management Committee met last Thursday (21st May) to discuss Covid-19 restrictions and the WA Government’s decision to lessen these with a move to their “Phase 2” level.

Social Bowling Events

One of the main subjects discussed at that meeting was whether this Club should re-open our normal “Social Bowls” events.

Many Club Members were eager to restart bowling events ASAP, as well, other clubs had already started such events.

However, the “Phase 2” restrictions imposed by the WA Govt meant that this Club would need to adhere to strict rules if we were to do the same.

These rules require that;

  • The Club has to appoint a person (or persons), who had completed an online Covid-19 Hygiene course, to be on hand at each event to supervise and ensure the strict hygiene measures were carried out. i.e.
  • All shared equipment was to be sprayed with disinfectant before changing hands, hand sanitiser was to be used frequently and often.
  • Players were to maintain a 1.5 metre distance and keep a 4 metre radius buffer between themselves and other players.
  • There was to be a maximum of 20 players per bowling green and a maximum of 20 inside the clubhouse.
  • The names and contact details of all involved were to be recorded for possible virus tracking purposes. 
  • All equipment was to be disinfected before and after each game.
  • While an event was being run, the clubhouse would have to be open so that players could access the toilets. This meant that all door handles and other surfaces that could be touched were to be disinfected regularly and often.
  • The premises, when used, were to be cleaned after each use.
  • All these protocols had to be supervised by the appointed person (or persons) as mentioned earlier and people had to be on hand to do the cleaning and sanitising as mentioned above.
  • The Club also had to complete a safety plan and display a “Safety Plan Certificate” setting out how the Club would guarantee that these measures would be followed.

Although the Club had completed the “Safety Plan” and, although the Club did have the hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray on hand, and although some club Members had already completed the hygiene course, several more Club Members would need to commit to completing the course and running and supervising the events before the Club could confidently allow bowling events to happen.

With all this in mind, and also bearing in mind the severe penalties that can be applied if the above rules are not complied with, it was decided to wait until the Govt introduced “Phase 3” restrictions which, hopefully, may  enable us to safely run social events without the need for additional volunteers for cleaning, monitoring and supervision duties . We believe this further relaxation of the restrictions may be as early as the end of next week. We will continue to monitor the advice from the Government and Bowls WA on a daily basis so we can reconvene the Management Committee at short notice to re-consider our position.

We trust Members will be understanding of these decisions during these difficult times as we make these decisions in the best interest and safety of our members, staff and guests.

Members are advised that they, as well as any visitors, are most welcome to use the greens for practice and “roll-ups”.

We ask you to:

If practicing or ‘rolling-up’;

  • Please observe all the hygiene and distancing rules that apply. i.e.
  • No more that 20 people per green.
  • Please retain 4 metre sq. radius buffer between all persons on green
  • Please retain 1.5 metres distance between you and any other person.

New Clubhouse Progress

Previously we advised that Dardanup Shire had whittled down interested builders to 3. The 3 parties are; BGC, Perkins, and Pindan, who have been requested to now submit detailed plans and costings, which the Shire advise they expect to have received by end of June, from which they will select the final builder. We believe the project is now expected to start late August or into September.

Management Committee will continue to monitor COVID-19 information and advice from Govt. Our Members, guests and employee’s safety remains our top priority. The financial viability of the Club will also be closely monitored to determine future bar opening hours.

2019/20 Pennant Champions

15 March 2020 Pennant Grand Finals:

The Men’s 2019/20 1st Division Pennant Flag was won by Eaton Gold (defeating Busselton Red)

Men’s 3rd Division Pennant Flag was won by Eaton Blue (defeating Boyanup Blue)

In 2nd Division , Eaton went down to Busselton Red who in turn lost to Donnybrook in the Grand Final.

A great effort by the Club. Well Done All!!

AGM Postponed

The Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) had been scheduled for Monday 20 April, but has now been postponed until probably sometime in September. There are Management Committee positions which we have still no nominations for. If you wish to nominate somebody, please let Secretary know, who will add to nomination sheet.

Social Distancing Rules

Although Members are most welcome to use the bowling greens for “roll-ups” there are conditions that need to be adhered to.

We have been warned by authorities that some bowlers had been observed on the club’s bowling greens in groups of more than two and not observing social distancing rules. Please be aware that social distancing and group gathering rules must be adhered to or, we have been told that the greens could be closed by the authorities.

Several Members have been enjoying having a ‘roll-up’ and getting out into fresh air and exercising. So, please don’t jeopardise this enjoyable practice for others by doing the wrong thing.

Members can assist by cooperating and being understanding during these difficult times.

We ask you to:

  • If practicing or ‘rolling-up’, please keep to groups of two or less, and
  • Please retain 1 rink distance between you and any other groups.